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    31 May 2013 - HeavenWard to release eMonit employee monitor

    Coming Soon: eMonit, HeavenWard’s Affordable New Employee Monitor for Mid-size Companies

    HeavenWard will soon release its first public beta version of eMonit, a versatile new employee monitor aimed at providing mid-size companies a simple and easy way to start and run an employee monitoring program.

    eMonit is a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools in an easy-to-use format offered at a competitive price. eMonit features summary pie charts of all monitored functions for a quick initial overview of activity on monitored PCs. From there, users can easily navigate to details, for example, to logs of web browsing or keystrokes, where they can use convenient filters to find desired information fast.

    eMonit sends updated logs to the employer’s administrative panel every 60 seconds. Employers can review the applications run on a monitored computer in multiple formats, including a chronological log of which program was in focus at any specific time and a summary time spent using each program. Program names and full paths are displayed. eMonit logs web browsing chronologically, recording the browser used, page title, and URL of each page visited. eMonit shows keystrokes chronologically along with the program names and active windows in which they were made. When screenshots are enabled, images taken at regular intervals are displayed in a sequence of thumbnail links that open the screen captures.

    eMonit makes initial configuration and later changes intuitive and simple. Support will be provided by comprehensive online FAQs that include installation instructions and by a messaging app within the administrator panel users can use to send questions directly to eMonit Support.

    Minimum system requirements for running eMonit on Windows XP through Windows 8 PCs and servers are light. Log files on monitored PCs are encrypted. Employers will benefit from HeavenWard’s practical guidance on why companies should monitor employees and how they can start a monitoring program. See https://www.hwsuite.com/employee-monitor/why-monitor-employees.php. Of course, users of any employee monitoring system should make sure it complies with the laws of their country.

    eMonit’s home page is https://www.hwsuite.com/employee-monitor/.

    HeavenWard’s skilled professionals specialize in creating quality security software — customized, robust, and effective applications that are affordable and easy to use. Visit us at https://www.hwsuite.com.