eMonit Employee Monitor Features

eMonit Employee Monitor is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, highly configurable — and very affordable. eMonit Employee Monitor lets you do these essential monitoring tasks:

  • Set up eMonit Employee Monitor in minutes with no technical knowledge.
  • Monitor up to twenty computers.
  • Get updated logs minute-by-minute.
  • Get informative overviews fast with graphic summaries of all activity on each workstation.
  • Review specific, second-by-second activity histories showing which programs were run and when.
  • Log keystrokes organized by date, time, program, and text.
  • View text from email, webmail, chat, IM, and social networking apps.
  • Capture web browsing history, including dates, times, URLs, and page titles.
    eMonit Employee Monitor no longer logs URLs of pages visited in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Page titles continue to be logged.
  • Review screen captures taken at intervals you select.
  • Get summary application information showing total minutes and number of times programs are run.
  • Use convenient filters to select and find specific log information.
  • Enjoy easy, flexible configuration of items and computers monitored.
  • Trust eMonit Employee Monitor's tamper-resistant features such as encrypted log files on monitored computers and password-protected administrator access.
  • See program names and full paths to keep tabs on running applications.
  • Contact HeavenWard support directly from the eMonit Employee Monitor's administrator panel.
  • Check out eMonit Employee Monitor risk-free with a free trial.

eMonit Employee Monitor is the easiest way to monitor employees.
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