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Monitor Computer Activity
at Work or at Home with
HeavenWard Software

HeavenWard makes compact, affordable, and easy-to-use
monitoring software for Windows operating systems.

for business use
for Windows PCs on a network

The easiest way to
monitor employees.

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for home and personal use
for Windows PCs

Ideal for parents.
Easy to install and use.

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Computer time should be safe and productive for both employees and children. HeavenWard monitoring software can help. Set clear, common-sense rules for computer use. Then monitor computer users with eMonit or LightLogger.

LightLogger and eMonit track critical user activities on your business or home PC, enabling managers or parents to spot wasteful and dangerous behaviors:

  • Review employees' or children's web surfing histories in detail, including URLs.
  • Monitor messages typed in emails, web pages and social networking sites.
  • Check screen captures for details of web sites visited and programs used.
  • Learn which applications children or employees run on your family or business PC.
  • See HeavenWard's advice to businesses and families on setting up an effective monitoring program.