About HeavenWard

Founded in 2007 by Valery Kuzniatsou, HeavenWard has remained focused on creating reliable and effective security software for Windows operating systems. Guided by Valery's strong background in anti-virus and anti-spyware applications, HeavenWard's development team maintains three core products: eMonit, an affordable employee monitor designed for small businesses, LightLogger, an easy-to-use computer monitor for home use, FastPAD, a free software submission app, and WinDetect, a free anti-virus program. In addition, HeavenWard offers two monitoring programs for Mac OS X.

HeavenWard aims for simplicity, versatility, affordability, and great customer care made possible by a small, highly-skilled staff and clear product focus. We make user-friendly applications designed to appeal to both home and business users.

With offices in Minsk, Belarus, HeavenWard is privately held and registered as Valery Kuzniatsou. For more information about HeavenWard and its products contact us by email at support @ hwsuite.com.

Address: HeavenWard, Minsk, Belarus, Esenina St. 10, #56