• eMonit: Best Entry-Level Employee Monitor for Small Companies


    If you don’t monitor your employees’ activity on your firm’s PCs, you’re in a minority of fewer than 25% of U.S. companies. These security holdouts take unnecessary risks every day caused by their weak endpoint security. In these firms, personal web browsing goes unmonitored and unchecked; unapproved applications run on workers’ PCs; staff waste time on social networking sites, games and videos; and management lacks any way to review employees’ official communications or see how workers actually spend their company time.

    This article explains the basics of endpoint security—plus reasons why you should consider making eMonit part of your own endpoint security plan.

    Bad behavior is your worst enemy.

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    The “endpoint” in endpoint security is any point where your IT infrastructure delivers information to real people. Where people interact with your system, human behavior becomes the main source of infection, loss, and damage—damage to your system, to your company, to your reputation. Here is where careless web browsing of malware infected websites introduces viruses into your network, where workers share proprietary information with the wrong people and where employees play online games, watch YouTube videos and make personal purchases when the boss isn’t looking.

    Employee monitoring is an essential component of endpoint security, because it tracks bad behavior and alerts you to employees who present risks to your company. Running a monitoring system on your network is the most powerful incentive you have for motivating your employees to replace risky behavior with safe behavior. eMonit, the best entry-level employee monitor for small companies, is also the easiest way to start monitoring your employees.

    What you don’t know might surprise you.

    Good employee monitoring software gives you critical and comprehensive information about all human activity on each monitored PC. The best monitoring applications provide summary overviews in graphics and text and also let you drill down to find exactly the information you’re seeking. Which websites has an employee visited? When? What do the screenshots show you? Which applications has he or she run? When and for how long was each used? What has the employee written in his correspondence with customers, in social networking sites, in personal email and tweets?

    Employee monitoring mitigates risks—to your IT infrastructure and to your reputation—and enhances productivity in your work force.

    You can have basic endpoint security on a tight budget.

    Small companies can control all these risks by implementing basic endpoint security. It needn’t be expensive. Four essential, proactive measures will protect your company against most major security risks:

    1. Make sure all PCs and the server on your network have up-to-date antivirus protection.

    2. Make sure each PC, your network and your server runs a firewall recommended by its manufacturer.

    3. Apply all security-related updates anywhere in your IT infrastructure as soon as they become available.

    4. Monitor all employee activity on all PCs. Spot check the reports on a regular basis. Let your employees know they are being watched.

    The best employee monitoring programs start by giving all employees a detailed, written notice that they will be monitored. This document should include the policies, guidelines and rules each employee must follow in their use of company IT assets. Virtually all legal jurisdictions permit monitoring if employees are informed of the practice.

    Learn more about employee monitoring and eMonit.

    HeavenWardsuite makes a versatile, user-friendly employee monitor called eMonit. eMonit will not break your budget, and you can use eMonit to implement the kind of monitoring program described here. HeavenWard’s eMonit webpage also has links to useful practical advice about starting employee monitoring. Learn more at https://www.hwsuite.com/employee-monitor/

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