• The All-in-one Keylogger with an Affordable Price Tag


    LightLogger Keylogger - Monitoring Software

    Who needs a computer monitor?

    If you are not the only person using your computer, then consider monitoring the activity of others on your PC.

    If your children use any PC in your home, experts recommend you monitor their activity. Children need parental rules to guide their behavior. That is particularly true when children have access to the internet, where inappropriate content, risky activity and adult predators are only a mouse click away. Experts recommend parents prepare a set of written rules—a contract between parent and child—that clearly states everything each child can and cannot do on the home computer and explains why courtesy and respect toward others online is also a must.

    To enforce that contract, parents should use a set of monitoring tools like those included with LightLogger to check their child’s compliance. Letting kids know their parents will be checking their activity is a strong incentive for good behavior. For more information about the many threats to children on the internet and ways you can protect your own kids, see HeavenWard’s excellent resource page

    If your computer is used by other adults or by employees in a work setting, monitoring is essential if you have any concerns about how they might use your PC. Having a record of the files other users access, the programs they run, the websites they visit and the text they enter in emails, social networking sites and e-commerce sites while on your computer allows you to spot check their activity. Even with adults, it is wise to set basic rules for their use of your computer. And, as with children, it is important to monitor their activity regularly. Remember that you are trusting others with the sensitive information stored on your PC, including valuable identity and financial data. If you are an employer, you are trusting your employees to use your computers only for official company business and only in safe, efficient ways.

    Why choose LightLogger?

    Good software is reliable, easy-to-use, does just what you want, uses few of your computer’s resources, and is priced reasonably. LightLogger meets those standards and more. LightLogger features a complete set of computer monitoring tools at an affordable price. And it’s a breeze to install and use!

    Here’s what LightLogger will do:

    • record all keystrokes in PC applications, web pages and password fields
    • record any text captured to Windows clipboard
    • log all web sites visited along with time and URL
    • make screen captures of your monitor’s content at regular intervals
    • record the applications opened and closed on your PC.

    In addition, LightLogger comes with two other essential features any good monitoring software should have:

    • the ability to operate completely hidden from computer users if you choose
    • hot-key-protected access to all reports and administrative functions.

    LightLogger’s all-in-one package of monitoring tools gives you all the information you need to act wisely by monitoring others, kids and adults alike, who use your computer. And LightLogger is bargain priced!