Employee computers are home to wasted hours, risky online behavior, and major policy violations.

Cut waste, spot risks, enforce the rules.

Monitor your employees with eMonit employee monitor.

eMonit captures key user data for managers: activity history, time per application, keystrokes in applications and web pages, web browsing history, and screenshots.


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Why Monitor Employees?

  • Enforce key company policies and best practices.
  • Get quick overviews of all activity on each PC.
  • Discover productive and unproductive time.
  • Spot risky online behaviors and wasted web-surfing hours.
  • Review text in messages and correspondence sent on company time.
  • Detect unapproved, suspicious, and dangerous applications.

eMonit Features | See details >

  • Install eMonit in minutes with no technical knowledge.
  • Monitor up to twenty computers.
  • Quickly review PC activity in pie chart summaries.
  • Get updated logs every minute.
  • Monitor activity history, keystrokes, web browsing, applications run, and screenshots.
  • Run eMonit on Windows XP through Windows 8.
  • Try eMonit before you buy.