The internet can be a wonderful resource
—and a dangerous neighborhood.

Keep tabs on your kids' computer use.

Monitor your children with
LightLogger Keylogger.

LightLogger records what your children do on the computer: their web browsing, the text they type or copy, the images on their monitor, and the applications they run.


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Why Monitor Kids?

  • Regular monitoring, clear parental rules, and education about internet dangers promote safe and responsible behaviors in children.
  • Monitoring tells kids you're involved and care about their welfare.
  • Reviewing your kids' messages for discourteous, dangerous, or suspicious exchanges can stop them from becoming truly bad experiences.
  • Monitoring can spot your child's involvement with online pornography, "sexting," bullying, gaming, and adult predators disguised as children.
  • Monitoring tells you which programs your kids run on the PC.
  • Monitoring is most effective when part of a comprehensive plan for protecting kids. HeavenWard's articles for parents can help you get you started.

LightLogger Features

  • Track your kids' web browsing, including website URLs.
  • Capture screenshots at intervals you select.
  • Monitor keystrokes in applications, web site, and emails.
  • Review the programs your children run.
  • Check text cut and pasted from the clipboard.
  • Try LightLogger before you buy it.
  • Install LightLogger on most Windows versions beginning with XP.
  • Switch LightLogger with a single click to run in any of several languages.

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LightLogger Testimonials:

    Thank you, LightLogger Keylogger! You're the first monitor we tried, and we are very pleased. We have an 8 year old boy who would spend every waking hour on the computer if we let him. Of course, we have strict rules but also a very, very smart kid! It's only common sense to check on his web browsing and social activity regularly. LightLogger Keylogger's the perfect tool!


    Disclaimer: this testimonial is an opinion and may not be accurate or typical.
    I have used LightLogger Keylogger for several years and am very satisfied. I have used the program when I myself can't remember what I did on the computer! The FAQs on the website are a very high quality user manual, and a support portal is built into the administrator panel. Good job!


    Disclaimer: this testimonial is an opinion and may not be accurate or typical.