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Mac OS X keylogging made easy!

Mac Keylogger
from HeavenWard.

Mac Keylogger is the affordable, uncomplicated, easy-to-use first choice
for your Mac OS X keylogger.

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Mac Keylogger

Why Choose MacKeylogger?

  • Mac Keylogger is by far the easiest and simplest way to start keylogging on your Mac.
  • Mac Keylogger is priced to compete, making it a great buy.
  • Mac Keylogger is the hassle-free alternative for parents what want to keep tabs on the messages their kids send and the applications they run.
  • Mac Keylogger also comes in a free demo version you can try before you buy!

MacKeylogger Features

  • Run Mac Keylogger by default in stealth mode, invisible to most users.
  • Log all keystrokes made on your OS X in any application, except passwords.
  • Monitor the text and messages your children type on web pages and apps.
  • Monitor the applications started on your Mac.
  • Capture typing in any language installed on your computer.
  • Keep access to Mac Keylogger hidden and password protected.
  • Use Mac Keylogger on OS X v. 10.6 and above.

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